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Old Horror Movies That Started a Genre

White Zombie

This 1932 classic was the first zombie movie ever made and though it does not conjure up the type of zombie flick that we are used to seeing in the present day, it is still a great piece of classic horror. The type of zombies we see in old horror movies of the 1930s through the early 1960s are not so much the ravenous walking dead but more of a simple mindless being. In White Zombie, those mindless beings are controlled by a master Murder Lengendre, played by the famed Bela Lugosi. Though not quite as gruesome as today’s zombies the early zombie films were a little more thought provoking than today’s hoard of flesh hungry ghouls.


Many people think that the movie Dracula was the first vampire film, but it was really a small budget flick by Max Schreck, Nosferatu, that really kicked of the vampire movie genre. Interestingly, Nosferatu is based on the concept of Bram Stoker’s Dracula, however could not get the rights to use the title, and instead moved forward with an unauthorized adaptation. If White Zombie was the first zombie movie than Nosferatu is the first Vampire movie. For a silent movie, this old classic piece of horror cinema can still creep you out on a cold dark night.


This film by Alfred Hitchcock is probably one of the earliest and most recognized slasher films made. No doubt there were some semblances of murder movies in earlier films but in many horror movie buff’s minds, Psycho is the grandfather of the slasher movie genre, giving birth to many modern day slasher films like Scream or Valentine. Not to mention that the surprise ending is what really sealed the deal for the movie to become one of the top scary movies of all time. Hitchcock was master of suspense and Psycho is quite possibly one of his greatest horror achievements.

The Wolf Man

The first werewolf movie, Werewolf of London, was created in 1935, however failed to capture the public’s attention the way that other films in the 30s had such as Dracula or White Zombie. However, in 1941, The Wolf Man was released by Universal Studios and became one of their most successful films at the time. This new release of the werewolf concept also kick started the genre in way that the previous film had not. Since The Wolf Man was produced, werewolf movies have become one of the greatest scary movie genres today, rivaling close to and even crossing over into the vampire genre.

Night of The Living Dead

Though, White Zombie was the first true zombie film, Night of The Living Dead by George Romero was the first modern day zombie film and continues to shape all present day zombie flicks. Produced in 1968, Romero’s concept of a zombie was that of the walking dead, where humans return from the grave to feast on the living. The concept at the time was quite unique to old horror movies and the ability for the zombie infection to spread provoked thoughts of an apocalyptic nature, one that continues to this day.

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